Leather Care

As leather is a natural material, the appearance of your Bynd Artisan item will change with the environment as it grows with you. For the leather to remain soft and supple, it will require your close care and attention for it to last a lifetime.


The most basic care of all starts with brushing off any dirt or dust which will accumulate overtime. Simply wipe your item with a soft, clean cloth or a brush with soft bristles every other day, or whenever possible.


Just like our human skin, the natural construct of leather will dry out and crack if not cared for. With a soft, clean cloth or soft sponge, dap on readily available leather lotion and conditioners in the market and apply a thin layer onto the leather whilst going in a circular motion. But do ensure that you clean off any excess dirt or dust at the very beginning.


To prevent leather from further drying out, it is always recommended to store it away from direct sunlight. If possible, store your Bynd Artisan item in a breathable bag e.g. non-woven material and avoid storage in plastic bags which do not offer a well-ventilated environment.